• Intensity: Gentle to medium
  • Suitable for: gym goers, sports people; general public
  • Experience level: Beginners, intermediate

This class is next progression from Hatha Beginners. Hatha 1 class provides a balanced combination of longer held poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles. Mindfulness, observing of breath and body are integral parts of the class.

Students should be familiar with the basic yoga poses such as Downward Facing Dog, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Sun Salutations.

Preparatory poses for arm balances, deeper backbends and inversions will be taught in this class. No full arm balances or inversions.

Modifications and alternative options are always offered.

*Beginner friendly (strongly recommended to attend at least 5-10 Hatha Beginners classes before attending this class)

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