Due to poor eating habits, Mohan faced unhealthy weight issues before turning to Yoga in the early 2000s. An unhealthy lifestyle also led to constant backaches and allergic rhinitis. It was at that point that Mohan decided to make a change by adopting Yoga into his lifestyle and there was no turn back since then.  

With a professional training in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and nutrition, Mohan taught yoga at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital (full-time) and was a Senior Instructor for the sports team at Dr. NGP Arts and Science College (part-time) in Tamil Nadu, India.  

His passion for yoga, health and fitness shows through his conscientious effort to continuously upgrade and he aims to share and impart his expertise in Hatha Yoga to all practitioners as well as to help others with injury rehabilitation through the practice of yoga and Pilates.  

Teaching since 2008, Mohan has been constantly challenging himself to advance in yoga and help others in a wide variety of classes. Do learn the tips and how you can improve your form better when you attend his classes.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self..”


Yoga for Seniors / Hatha 1 / Core Yoga / Pilates Foundation / Back Care / Basic Back-bend / Hot Therapy / Hot Hatha 1 / Warm Hatha 1 / Yoga Flow 1 / Hot Basic / Yoga & Mobility

Qualifications & Achievements

  • Certified wheel yoga instructor from YACEP Yoga Alliance 2021
  • Yoga Instructor course RYT (200 Hours) 2018
  • Certified aerial yoga instructor from YACEP Yoga Alliance 2016
  • International core instructor foundation course Level 1 2013
  • International certified Pilates instructor (Canada) 2009 – 2012
  • Post graduate diploma in Yoga and Meditation 2007
  • Master of Physiotherapy 2005
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2003