Yoga Edition


Most people practice yoga because of passion and curiosity. For Mantu, it was from the encouragement of his Uncle. He practiced yoga at his youngest age, 9 years old not with passion but reluctance because he believes that yoga is for women to practice and not men. However, his perspective on yoga changes after every practice. Mantu was able to find the love and benefits in yoga. Through yoga, he gained deep connection of the mind and body which “Allows oneself to explore, feel, and understand what the body and mind need”, said Mantu.

“Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”


Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa / Backbend / Backbend & Twist / Yoga Twist / Yoga Therapy / Yoga Stretch / Deep Stretch / Hot Yoga / Hot Flow / Hot Classic / Core Yoga / Core & Strength / Yin Yoga / Yin & Yang Yoga / Yoga Wheel / Inversions / Yoga Swing

Qualifications & Achievements

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