Yoga maybe a form of exercise to some of us, it could also be a lifestyle, taking us down a road of improved self-discipline and perhaps self-discovery too. For those new to yoga or those who are seasoned practitioners, read on to find out where you can start this self-discovery or what challenges you can undertake to progress.

Here’s a few quick tips to get started….

New to Yoga? Start with Strength classes to build strength to build your foundation first. 

Experienced beginners should continue their practice with Mobility classes that helps one to improve the coordination of their movement and breathing to carry out each routine in a smooth and seamless flow.

For those who are tired and stressed out with work and many responsibilities in life, experience our Rest and Recovery classes and learn how to rest and rebuild your energy again!

Experienced beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners should also try the Warm and Hot Yoga classes respectively to deepen your practice for improved health and to prevent muscular injuries.

Beyond the regular yoga sessions, you can also try our Special Curated programmes to add fun into your yoga practice!

Attend our weekly complimentary ‘Level Up’ Masterclasses at our newest Learning Lab. Designed to enhance and elevate your yoga practice, covering a wide variety of topics.

Experience the trendy, popular Pilates class in our club today!